Heilendes Herz  
Internationaler Engeltag
Samstag, 8. September 2007


Meditation and Prayer for International Angel Day

(We appreciate you sending this message to everyone who could join with us in prayer)

Meditation and Prayer for International Angel Day,

Your prayers for world peace on that day are appreciated and needed. If you would like to join in one of the angel workshops being held that day, please visit www.internationalangelday.com to find a workshop near you.

Angel workshops are being held throughout the United States, and also Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovania, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Whether you are at a workshop or not, your prayers make a powerful difference! Here is a suggested meditation and prayer for International Angel Day. Of course, please pray for peace in whichever way best reflects your personal spiritual or religious beliefs. We look forward to joining with your spirit of love and light on September 8.

With love and light,

Doreen Virtue


Second International Angel Day Prayer from Doreen Virtue
September 8, 2007

Our second annual International Angel Day is dedicated to the children.

Today, we ask the angels to give special care, protection, and guidance to children everywhere. May every child be treated with love, kindness, and compassion. May the angels help all children to enjoy radiant health, a nurturing home life, and healthful nutrition. We ask the angels to protect the innocence, awe, and spiritual gifts within every child, insuring that their hearts stay open and loving for their lifetime.

Within every man and woman there resides a pure and innocent child. We ask the angels to help us all to remember, to nurture, and to love our own inner children. May we all remember the importance of fun, play, and laughter. May we all retain our awe of the magic of life within the scope of adulthood responsibilities.

Our prayer is for peace. We come together today, united around the world in prayer and meditation, to remember our life’s purpose of love and peacefulness. We commit to seeing and feeling the childlike innocense within each person. And as we focus upon innocense, we become willing to forgive the awkward mistakes that children sometimes make.

Heaven, we ask your help in remembering to see the love and goodness within ourselves, each other, and within life itself. Help us to focus upon the positive qualities within each relationship, and to remember to say “I love you” throughout each day. Help us to give and receive love, to be helpful to others, and to be understanding and compassionate individuals.

We ask for Divine assignments so that we can each bring more love, light, and laughter to this planet. Please clearly guide us along the pathway of our Divine life purpose, and support us fully while we commit to making this world a better place. Help us all to be at peace, one person at a time, beginning with you and me right here and now.

Let us all send love outwardly to our loved ones . . . to our community . . . to our country . . . to our world. . . and know that the angels join with our prayers for world peace, a prayer that is being answered right this very minute.

And so it is!




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